About installing and uninstalling the app

Product Bundles should be installed through Shopify only and everything else will be automatically set up from there. 

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Installing Product Bundles

Installing the Product Bundles app is a simple process - Just like installing any other App on Shopify! 

  • Search for Product Bundles in Shopify and click the Add app button.
  • You can also directly click this link to install the app. 

Reinstalling the app

If you have installed the app before and you're having trouble re-installing it now, you will need to re-install the app through this link:

https://booster-bundle.herokuapp.com/auth/shopify?shop= <InsertshopifydomainHERE>

Please insert your Shopify domain such as shown in the example below:


Uninstalling the app

Uninstalling the app is simple and can be done from the Apps section in your Shopify admin. 

Click on Apps from the navigation panel on the left-hand side. 
When the list of all apps installed comes up, look for Product Bundles - Booster Apps.
Click on Delete beside it to uninstall the app.
It would also really help us improve the app if you can provide the reason why you decided to uninstall the app. Simply choose among the options by clicking on the drop-down arrow.
Click the Delete button.

Note: If you'd like to completely remove our code, locate and remove the following line in your layouts/theme.liquid file. You can also delete the snippets/booster-discounts.liquid file if you wish.

Common Questions

Is it possible to check first if my theme is compatible with the app before installing it?
Unfortunately, there is no way to check the compatibility of a specific theme to the app prior to installing. Although our app is compatible with most themes, you can only test if the app can work with the theme once you install it and set offers.

Will my store's reviews be affected if I uninstall the app?
Uninstallation and reinstallation of the app do not have any bearing on your store's reviews since the app does not influence any reviews or feedback for your store.

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