About unsupported apps and currency converters

As user-friendly as our app is, there will be some apps that cause our app to either stop working or behave erratically.

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Unsupported Apps

Here is a list of the types of apps that would affect the way our app behaves:

  • Any app that takes over the checkout process
  • Any preorder app
  • Any other upsell or discount app
  • Slide cart apps
  • Quantity Breaks
  • Langify
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Product page builders like Gempages, Pagefly, and Zipify

Having any of these apps installed will affect the way our app behaves and in most cases, our app will not work. Please note though that apps created by us are compatible with each other.

Currency Converters

Shopify Payment's multiple currencies are not yet fully compatible with the app. At this point, we don't support multi-currency-enabled shops. It is highly advised not to use discount apps if you have enabled multi-currency since there is the risk to give bigger discount values than you expect from creating offers. There is an option, however, to use currency conversion apps instead to avoid this from happening. 

Product Bundles will be displayed in your store's currency by default. The app can work with some currency converter apps, however, most of them will cause unexpected results like incorrectly displaying the price of the item, or not applying the discount. Take a look at our Multi Currency Converter app which can work together with Product Bundles. We recommend using this app.

Common Questions

Does this app work with abandoned cart apps? 
Our app does not work with abandoned cart apps or draft orders (which are used by abandoned cart apps). This is because the discount code generated by the app expires within 15 minutes, so when the customer abandons their cart and then comes back later and tries again, there will be a notification that the discount cannot be applied to the order. They will then have to go back to the cart and then to the checkout page again to be able to generate a new discount code for their purchase.

What permissions do I need to grant the app and why are they necessary?
These are the permissions that the app will request when being installed and an explanation of why each permission is needed:

  • Access to Personal Information - This is required to differentiate between unique users on your store and so that the app can generate a unique discount code for each user.
  • Access and modify store data - This is necessary to install and run the app and its files in your theme. This is also required to link the app to your products so you can create offers.

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