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What is Product Bundles

Our Product Bundles app is designed to offer Shopify users the ability to create bundled offers of two or more of their products. These bundles can be at a discounted rate, or simply a suggestion with no discount.

We've designed the app with everyday people in mind, making it very user-friendly and super simple to set up!

Creating an offer with our app can take less than a minute! Your bundled offers will be up in no time :)

Here are some examples of what you can do:
  • Save 20% when you bundle a pair of Awesome Sneakers and 2 pairs of Cool Kicks
  • Get $5 off when you bundle Gnarly shoes with Hip Shoes
  • Logged in Customers tagged Wholesale will only see a bundle of 10 pairs of Insane Shoes and 5 pairs of Nice Shoes for $100 off

You can also check out a demo store with our Product Bundles installed!

Unlike other apps, we're customized for all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices; helping you reach even more customers.

How much does it cost?

Our Product Bundles app comes with a free trial of 7 days! After which the prices are as shown:

How are the stats and offers calculated?

Stats are shown on the dashboard once you have received your first offer. An overview of the dashboard will show you the orders that have come in for a specific interval.

Total orders value:

If an upsell bundle offer is present in a customer's cart - this is the total value of the order.

Value of items from offers:

If an upsell bundle offer is present in a customer's cart - this is the total value of the items from the offer.


  • Customer has 5 different items in their cart.
  • Total value of the cart is $100.
  • 2 of the items are used in an upsell bundle offer. These are valued at $20.


  • $100 will be attributed towards "Total orders value"
  • $20 will be attributed towards "Value of items from offers"

Total orders

This is the total amount of orders that contain an upsell bundle offer.

How are offers calculated?

The app works in the order of the list. A cart can have multiple offers but please note that each product can only be attributed to one offer. That means that if you have Product A in two different offers, it will take priority over the offer that is above the other. For example:

If the same product is in "2 products at 50.00" as well as "2 products at "20%", the customer will get the discount on the 50.00 offer as it is at the top.

How to optimize conversions

Here are some quick tips on how to boost conversions within the app:

Create at least three (3) offers
It may sound simple but the most common issue we see is that customers will only create one offer. This offer might include an unpopular product and it is never seen by any of your customers 😫.

The easiest way to remedy this is to create at least three (3) offers, this way you can see which offers are gaining traction and weed out the ones that are not. We have seen a HUGE increase in conversions based upon this step alone.

Generate an Auto Bundle - Let our app generate your most profitable bundles with one click
Creating a bundle that includes the correct products at the right discount value can sometimes be tricky. This is why we created our auto-generated bundle feature. With just one click - the app will analyze your order history and see which products were frequently bought together. Click here to learn how to create an auto-bundle.

Select an offer that looks good to you and away you go! Create at least three (3) offers, this way you can see which offers are gaining traction and weed out the ones that are not. We have seen a HUGE increase in conversions based upon this step alone.

Test and tweak different discount values
Play around with the values on the discount you are offering. You can specify the discount values by a percentage off the item price, a fixed amount off the item price, or setting a fixed discounted price itself. You can always test and tweak, depending on what works for you best.  
We've analyzed nearly 40,000 offers and the average discount on an offer is 24% off.
Optimize your bundle design
We all know that physical appearance and aesthetics really do matter, so try to make the bundle as attractive as possible. Although there is always the risk of overdoing it, you would surely know when you test the app for the bundle. Just make sure your bundle attracts attention in a pleasing way to make the customer really take a good look at it instead of ignoring it.

Keeping your design settings in line with the brand you are selling is also an important thing. You don't want your bundle to look like it just came out of a 36-color box of crayons 😅

Common Questions

Can I use the same subscription to all of my stores on different sites?
No, this is not possible. The Installation of the app should be done per store and each store is charged separately.

If I pause the app for a period of time, will it also stop the billing?
due to some limitations in Shopify, there is no way for us to stop the billing for a paused account. The billing will continue as long as the app is installed.

If I delete the app temporarily, will it save my settings and upsell data so I can retrieve them when I re-install?
Yes, the settings and upsell data that you have created will be saved so when you reinstall the app, you can easily retrieve them and resume using the app without the need to redo all the configurations.

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