Setting names to identify your offers

Your dashboard will display all the offers that you have created within the app. If you have created quite a number of offers, it might be confusing to see them all listed without proper identification. After creating an offer, you have the option to name each one which makes it a lot easier to recognize and track all the orders that are created.

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Setting names to your offers

To customize the names of your offers, follow these simple steps below:

 Launch the app and choose the offer that you want to name from the Dashboard. In this example, we choose the first offer.
 Click the  Actions drop-down menu and choose  Edit.
Scroll down to the  Internal name field and enter the name you want for this offer. This name will not be visible to the public.
Click  Save.

Disabling/Enabling an offer

You will run into situations where you would want to hide a particular offer. If the offer is not working the way you intended for it to work, or simply if you do not want the particular offer to be available to customers anymore. Regardless of the reason, here is how to disable/enable an offer:

Launch the app and click Offers.
Choose the offer that you would want to disable or enable. In this example, we would want to enable the second offer in the dashboard.
Slide the button under Status to the OFF position to disable it or to the ON position to enable the chosen offer.

Changing the order of offers

Since the priority of the bundle discounts is based on the order of the offers created, just make sure the offer for your main products is placed at the top of the list. From your Upsells Bundles dashboard you can change the order by dragging on the hamburger icon to the left of the offer to the appropriate place as shown here:

Common Question

Is it possible to display the offer based on geographical locations?
No, this is not possible. The app does not have the capability to do this yet.

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