Viewing and saving orders by filters

You can view orders by using filters on the orders page of your Shopify admin. This will allow you to view orders easily based on filters that you want to set, so it eliminates the hassle of going through each and every order. You can view orders by status, tagging, channel, risk level, date, customer, and credit card. What's even better is, you can save each filter so that the orders will be automatically sorted and made available the next time you view them without setting filters again. You can also easily delete orders as desired.

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Viewing and saving orders

Follow the easy steps below to view orders containing an Upsell Bundles offer:

In your Shopify admin, click Orders and go to All orders.
Click the Filter drop-down arrow to show the filter types.
Choose the type of orders that you want to see to set the filter. In this example, we choose Tagged with.
Click Set value and enter Upsell Bundles in the field provided.
Click anywhere outside the popup window.
The orders will then be filtered and will only display the ones that are tagged with Upsell Bundles.
Click the Save as button to save the filter.
In the pop-up window, enter Upsell Bundles in the field provided.
Click Save view.
The Upsell Bundles filter will now be saved and set as one of the tabs above the orders table.

Deleting Orders

If you happen to create test orders to check how the app works, it will be displayed as well in the dashboard. You can delete these orders to avoid confusion especially when it comes to inventory. To delete unwanted orders, follow the steps below:

On the Dashboard, click on the order that you want to delete.
When the order page opens, click the More actions drop-down menu and choose Archive.
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Delete order.
A pop-up window will appear to let you confirm that you want to delete the order. Click Delete order.
The Orders page will then show the most updated list of orders and confirm that the order is no longer on the list.

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