Adding and syncing discount codes

The app can be set to allow your customers to use other discount codes together with their discounted offers. This feature is disabled by default but you can enable it anytime you wish to. 

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Applying additional discount codes

Note: Before you proceed, please take note that our app does not support the Shopify discount codes listed below or any discount codes created by third-party apps:

  • Shipping discounts 
  • Expired discounts 
  • Discounts based on customer eligibility (specific customers or groups) 
  • Discounts based on usage limits (limit to one use per customer or to the number of times used)

Follow these steps to enable the setting that allows additional discount codes: 

Launch the app and go to  Settings.
Click General Settings.
Set the button to  ON to allow customers to use a discount code in conjunction with their discounted cart.
Click  Save.

You will now see an additional field on your cart page for customers to include a discount code. This will only appear if a bundle has been added.

Note: When you check out, another field will be visible where you can enter a discount code. Entering a discount code on this field will not merge the coupons but instead override the discount that Upsell bundles apply.

Syncing discount codes

For Shopify discount codes to work with our app, we need to sync the discount codes first. Otherwise, the Shopify discount code will override the discount created by our app.
For performance reasons, we sync your discount codes once you install the app and then check for new discount codes every 12 hours.

If you have added new discount codes and you need to activate them as soon as possible, you can sync your discount codes manually within the app. To do this, follow these easy steps:

Under Settings, click  General Settings.
Click the Sync Discounts button.
The button will now change to Queued! indicating that the new discounts created will be synced in the next refresh.

Common Questions

Can I edit, hide, or delete the discount codes that are generated by the app?
No. These must be unique discount codes prefixed with BA_ so they are easily identifiable.

Is it possible to translate the discount code?
No. Discount codes are automatically generated and do not necessarily form a specific pattern of readable words or phrases. It may include familiar or common words at times but do not always follow this all the time.  

Is it possible to embed codes on each product page?
If you change any coding, it will just revert after 24 hours. The app has its specific codes and it cannot be changed. The only thing you can change is the custom CSS at this time. Please only use this section if you have an understanding of HTML and/or CSS as this can cause the app to break, or create very unexpected results.

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