Applying additional discount codes

Need to offer customers the option to use a discount code on top of a Upsell Bundles offer?

From the settings page - please ensure that the following value is turned to "ON"

You will now see an additional field in your cart page for customers to include a discount code. This will only appear if a bundle has been added.

There will also be a place to enter the coupon code on the checkout screen but do NOT use that coupon box as it will not merge the coupons but instead override the discount that Upsell bundles applies. 

Having issues viewing your discount codes? Please ensure you have synced your discounts.

Please note that the Free Shipping discount offered in Shopify is not compatible with the Upsell Bundles app. 

Turning this on can cause undesired effects such as the discount applying to all their items instead of just the shipping fee.

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