Discounted Pricing Methods

Does this app use draft orders?

Yes, the app uses draft orders through Line by line discounts, one of the two Discounted Pricing methods that you can set within the app. These methods allow you to choose how your discounts would appear when the customer checks out.

Single Discount Code

This method displays a summary of the discount of the customer's order.  Check out the advantages and disadvantages of using this method:


  • Conversion details and referral tracking are tracked properly.
  • Orders are shown in proper channel reports.


  • All discounts are summed up in a single discount code rather than showing per line item.

Line by Line Discounts


  • More visibility since discounts are shown for each item 


  • Conversion details and referral tracking are disregarded
  • Orders show in "Other" channel in reports
  • No abandoned checkout notifications
  • Checkout process take a while

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