How to optimize conversions with Product Bundles

Do you currently have some offers set up, but they're not setting your sales and conversions alight? No worries! There are several ways that are so simple yet can create a spark in your sales and yield great results.

Here are some quick tips on how to boost conversions within the app:

1. Create at least three (3) offers

It may sound simple but the most common issue we see is that customers will only create one offer. This offer might include an unpopular product and it is never seen by any of your customers 😫.

The easiest way to remedy this is to create at least three (3) offers, this way you can see which offers are gaining traction and weed out the ones that are not. We have seen a HUGE increase in conversions based upon this step alone.

2. Generate an Auto Bundle - Let our app generate your most profitable bundles with one click

Creating a bundle that includes the correct products at the right discount value can sometimes be tricky. This is why we created our auto-generated bundle feature. From just one click - the app will analyze your order history and see which products were frequently bought together. Click here to learn how to create an auto-bundle.
Select an offer that looks good to you and away you go! 

3. Test and tweak different discount values

Play around with the values on the discount you are offering. 

You can specify the discount values by a percentage off the item price, a fixed amount off the item price, or setting a fixed discounted price itself. You can always test and tweak, depending on what works for you best.  

We've analyzed across nearly 40,000 offers and the average discount on an offer is 24% off.

4. Optimize your bundle design

We all know that physical appearance and aesthetics really do matter, so try to make the bundle as attractive as possible. 

Although there is always the risk of overdoing it, you would surely know when you test the app for the bundle. Just make sure your bundle attracts attention in a pleasing way to make the customer really take a good look at it instead of ignoring it.

Keeping your design settings inline with the brand you are selling is also an important thing. You don't want your bundle to look like it just came out of a 36-color box of crayons 😅

Please navigate to the Bundle Design Settings section from the Settings page of the app.

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