Updating your cart settings (AJAX Cart)

The app will work out of the box for 90% of themes. In the rare case we have notified you that your cart settings need to be updated please read the following article.

For the app to work, your customers must pass through the cart page for the offer to work properly. 

Example of how this looks with the Debut theme. 

If you're store already operates this way - no worries please disregard the rest of this article :)

Some stores use popup carts or drawer carts - these are incompatible with the app.

Updating your cart settings

To update your cart settings to be compatible with the app - please visit the cart settings page.

The cart settings page can be reached from the Settings > General Settings > Troubleshooting > Adjust Cart Settings within the app.

This can be easily reversed at any time by clicking the Revert Settings button.

If you don't want to use the Update Setting button - this can be done manually also.

Video Walkthrough 

Having any issues? Please feel free to get in touch and we'll help ASAP :)

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