Using currency converters

Unfortunately, Shopify Payment's multiple currencies are not yet fully compatible with the app. At this point, we don't support multi-currency enabled shops. It is highly advised not to use discount apps if you have enabled multi-currency since there is the risk to give bigger discount values than you expect from creating offers. There is an option, however, to use currency conversion apps instead to avoid this from happening. 

Upsells Bundles will be displayed in your store's currency by default. The app can work with some currency converter apps, however, most of them will cause unexpected results like incorrectly displaying the price of the item, or not applying the discount. Take a look at our Multi Currency Converter app which can work together with Upsell Bundles. We recommend using this app.

Using any other currency switcher apps may affect how our app will behave with discounts. We will try to assist you but it might not be possible to have the apps work together.

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